10 Most Important Questions... to ask a chiropractor

Is Chiropractic Care Safe?

As long as you visit a certified, experienced chiropractor, you can rest assured that adjustments are a perfectly safe care method. Many athletes have their very own chiropractors to help them perform at their peak. Children who suffer from sports injuries benefit significantly from chiropractic care as well. All ages benefit from the care, from acute/chronic pain to wellness, preventive chiropractic care plan.


What forms of care do you offer? 

Some chiropractors only offer a few selected types of care and techniques. Some do not offer rehabilitation or x-rays and have to refer patients to other doctors and practices. Additionally, some may only focus on specific demographics or conditions (i.e., pregnant women, geriatrics, sciatica pain, etc.) Finding a chiropractor covering a range of care and techniques helps ensure you get the proper care for yourself and your family (if needed).  


Do you take X-rays if they are needed?

X-rays are an essential part of the exam to help find the cause and ultimately recommend care. It is good to know how, when, and where x-rays will occur, even though they aren’t always needed. Are they performed in-house or at a preferred, close location? These are excellent questions to ask before your visit, along with estimated costs for X-rays, to help you plan.


What are my payment options?

It is crucial to find out what payment options are offered before arriving for your appointment. Knowing payment options gives you peace of mind that you will not get to the office to discover your desired payment method isn’t available. Do they take insurance? It will be critical to understanding allowable and deductible requirements if your chiropractic care is covered by insurance. If seeking a cash option, understand what payments (credit cards, cash, checks) are accepted. Additionally, if you are not using insurance, ask about care packages and time of service discounts. The practice may offer payment plans if you pay without insurance.


What should I expect on my first visit?

Typically, your “first” visit requires two visits. It is vital for the chiropractor to do a series of exams and, more than likely, x-rays during your first visit. On a follow-up visit, the doctor will share your report of findings, including the results of your x-rays. With the patient’s approval, the doctor can begin care on that same day. Call the office or explore the practice website to determine what to expect to help you feel relaxed and prepared.


How long are the sessions?

The appointment length will depend on your condition and the care you require; however, having a rough idea of how long they are, allows you to plan. It can help to ask when you book an appointment whether the chiropractor will have enough time in the session to diagnose and treat your condition, or will you require an extended session or another appointment?


How often should I come back for care?

The frequency of your visits, overtime should slowly decline as your condition improves. It is essential to understand what your body will need to recover, including how often you may need to return for care, and over what period should you start noticing an improvement? These details will help you plan and set some goals to get you back to ideal health.


If I’m feeling better, do I need to come back?

It is pretty common to end care when you start to feel better, but the problem did not heal entirely. It, however, can cause you to be less careful and even flare the issue back up again. You often don’t need to return. However, to be safe, it can be a good idea to get a final check. The final exam ensures your condition healed before you return to normal daily activities. After giving the “all clear,” don’t forget to continue maintaining any exercises, preventing problems returning.


Life Chiropractic Centers is affiliated with Life University, the largest chiropractic college globally. The Centers have over 20 doctors on staff that specialize in various techniques and demographics with x-ray and rehabilitation facilities on site. Life Chiropractic Centers works with all major insurance providers and offers cash (cash, credit card, check) payment packages for those who do not want to use insurance.

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