Breastfeeding & Latching Difficulties - No More!

Breastfeeding: it offers countless benefits for our little ones! Completely natural, breast milk provides
nutrition for healthy growth, development, and strong immunity.

A 2015 case report describes a 4 week-old female that experienced difficulty latching and breastfeeding. Following a gentle, specific, chiropractic adjustment to the upper neck and right TMJ (jaw joint), the infant was immediately able to latch and feed without restriction. What a difference this made for that baby girl's future!

During the birth process, baby may experience misalignment to the bones of the upper neck and cranium. This can result in irritation to the cranial and spinal nerves. Cranial nerve irritation, specifically CN's 9-12, can inhibit the suckswallow breathe sequence required for successful breastfeeding. Gentle adjustments work to reduce this nerve irritation, and restore proper function!

Drobbin, Danielle, DC, and Jessica Stallman, DC. "Resolution of Breastfeeding and Latching Difficulty  Following Subluxation Based Chiropractic Care: Case Report and Review of the Literature." J.  Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health (2015): 102-08. 

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