Chiropractic Care equals Preventative Care

In our society today, we have a predominant mentality that says, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it... if I feel fine, I'm healthy...and if I have pain or a symptom, then I will go do something for it." This reactionary mindset is the leading cause of health destruction today. Moreover, what most folks do when they do have a symptom come up is take a medication or do something else to alleviate that symptom, without ever addressing the underlying cause! This can be very dangerous.

A 2002 study provides rock-solid support for preventative health care, whether an individual has symptoms or not. Utilizing MRI, two groups of individuals age 24-26 were examined. Half of the participants reported neck and shoulder symptoms, while the other half reported no symptoms. The results were staggering. In the group that reported no symptoms, the researchers found:

• Disc Protrusion in 87%
• Disc Degeneration in 73%
• Disc Annular Tear in 63%
• Disc Herniation in 0%

If these type of findings were present in 24-26 year olds with no symptoms, would you agree that our health is not solely based on feeling well?

Siivola, Sair M., Sinikka Levoska, Osmo Tervonen, Eero Ilkko, Heikki Vanharanta, and Sirkka Keinanen Kiukaanniemi. "MRI changes of cervical spine in asymptomatic and symptomatic young adults." European Spine Journal 11 (2002): 358-63.

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