The truth about Chiropractors

Chiropractors are an essential part of a care team and are highly regarded for relieving pain and providing optimal performance support. They are experts on the nerve system (brain, spinal cord, and nerves to limbs and organs) and how it coordinates the activities of every cell and system of the body. 

There is a misconception that all chiropractors do is “crack necks and backs” and focus only on back pain. That cannot be furthest from the truth. They are experts on the nerve system, which consists of the brain and spinal cord. The brain plays a central role in controlling most bodily functions, including awareness, movements, sensations, thoughts, speech, and memory. Some reflex movements can occur via spinal cord pathways without the participation of brain structure. The nerves are the main connection point between the brain and the rest of the body. So, you can imagine, any interference within the nerve system can negatively impact signals from the brain to the rest of the body, causing disfunction. 


Chiropractors use different types of adjustments and therapies to support their patients’ goals. No one patient is the same, and therefore, chiropractors use a combination of approaches based on individual needs.   Along with over 200 adjustment techniques, there are several therapies included with care, including:

  • Heat and cold
  • Massage Ultrasound
  • Diathermy
  • Hydrotherapy 
  • Electrical muscle stimulation 
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS)
  • Traction 
  • Infrared radiation
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Pelvic stabilization

Additionally, patient education is often a critical part of chiropractic care. A chiropractor may advise various lifestyle modifications, including diet and nutritional programs, exercise, self-care, and coping strategies. Chiropractors provide posture screening analysis and may recommend ergonomic changes within a patient’s daily life. 

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