What is "Retracing?"

"Rectracing," "healing sensations," "healing crisis:" you may have heard these terms used at your chiropractic office to explain how some symptoms, like muscle/joint pain/stiffness and headaches, will
sometimes "wake up" and become more noticeable before they get better. Rest assured that this is completely OK! These reactions have been long documented in medical research when significant changes are happening.  As the structure of the spine moves and shifts, it makes sense that muscles and ligaments will become tight and sore! In the beginning phases of care, this is a GOOD THING -- it means that your body is making progress! 

This isn't just a chiropractic thing either! "Herxheimer reactions" are long documented as normal and regular changes when the body begins eliminating harmful chemicals, like during a detox. As the body makes significant changes, many people can begin to experience 'flu like symptoms' that are temporary but normal. If you ever experience this in your phases of healing, you should tell your doctor.  Otherwise, listen to your body! If you need more rest, more or less light exercise, more water, it will tell you -- it is healing!

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